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"From Ordinary to Extraordinary"

Millionaire in the Making

”Millionaire in the Making”

Being part of the nine siblings and having responsibilities as the backbone of the family is not a pleasant thing, especially if the family's financial condition is bad.

That is the kind of life Deolito Sampaga lives. To support his family, he was willing to become a beggar in front of a supermarket. Destiny brought Deolito to meet with Biogreen Science when a friend invited him to attend an MLM meeting. The marketing plan and exchange rate of US Dollar to Peso convince Deolito and made him firm to join the Biogreen Science's big family.

Considering how poor his condition at the time, Deolito seemed to see Biogreen Science as a way to bring happiness and free his family from poverty.

"I want to become a millionaire and make all my dreams come true by introducing Biogreen Science products to many people," said Deolito.

Unfortunately, he had to face a tough challenge when his upline, who is also one of the founders of Biogreen Science Philippines, died. Even worse, these events occurred when Biogreen Science Philippines was not long-established.

"The condition at that time was quite severe. I finally decided to part with Biogreen Science and work for another company, "he added.

He found a reason to embrace Biogreen Science again after coming to one of the Biogreen Science events that took place in Bali last year. Long story short, he returned to become a Rookie at the event and was motivated to immediately reach the Junior Masters Rank.

Until now he admitted that he would never stop being grateful for his meeting with Biogreen Science, who changes his life, especially to Mr. Larry Widjaja.

"Thank you to all the uplines and downlines who have contributed to bringing me to this point in life. I am also grateful to Mr. Larry Widjaja for introducing the Filipino community to Biogreen Science products and helping many of them cure their illnesses," Deolito continued.

In addition to that, Deolito also gives high praise to the Biogreen Science's system. According to him, Biogreen Science provides a great opportunity for many Filipinos to achieve success and be financially independent.

"The presence of Biogreen Science is a blessing because previously many Filipinos had to migrate and work abroad for the sake of large income."

"Now Biogreen Science becomes an alternative for those who want to have a large income because people now have the choice to not leave Philippines if they want to improve their lives," said Deolito.


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Leader terbaik bulan lalu

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