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"Success will be someone else's if you don't move immediately"



Working as an employee has never been the goal of Allin Wedari's life. The 27-year-old woman never once sent her application to various companies after gaining a bachelor's degree because she had a dream to open her own business.

"I have a bachelor's degree in Japanese Literature, but since graduating I have never applied for a job. I want to do business. I want to create jobs for many people, "Allin said.

The strong intention to realize the dream finally made Allin make her choice to Biogreen Science. Having parents who are already active as Members make her quickly absorb everything about Biogreen Science.

Through her parents, Allin was able to get acquainted with the big figures of Biogreen Science in East Java. Although she claimed to have a bitter experience due to the public's bad views about Multi-Level Marketing, she felt lucky because she could get a lot of lessons from her upline to get through it all.

"While at Biogreen, Mr. Sam and Mr. Gun helped me a lot. They played a big role in my career at Biogreen, " shecontinued.

Allin admitted that she began to be able to repay her dream since joining Biogreen Science. Although not yet able to fulfill her dream, the Yuni Warsono’s daughter is quite satisfied with what he is achieving at this time.

Now she has a team. Although sometimes difficult to manage because the majority of high school graduates and are still quite young, Allin said she was happy with their performance.

"I dreamed of having my own office. I currently have a team that is mostly filled by high school graduates. Even though sometimes they like to chatter, but I want to help them realize their dreams and be able to live happily, "Allin said.

Like every Biogreen Science Member, Allin has great admiration for Larry Widjaja. Although she had never met him in person, various stories about Mr. Larry, which she got from the uplines, successfully impressed her.

"I admire Mr. Larry Widjaja so much. In my opinion, he is very charismatic. I have never met Mr. Larry in person, but from the story I got, Mr. Larry is a very inspiring person, "Allin said.

According to her, there were many lessons that she got since she joined Biogreen Science. He even said that those who did not join Biogreen Science would suffer losses.

"You lose if you don't join Biogreen Science from now on. The success that should be yours can be had by someone else because the Biogreen business is very promising for success. ".


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