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"The most important thing from the Biogreen Science business is freedom of time. You can run this business anytime and anywhere."


The most important thing from the Biogreen Science business is freedom of time.

Mr. Jamin became acquainted with Biogreen Science products through his wife, Mrs. Dewi Bengawan. Ibu Dewi herself knows Biogreen Science products through her office friends.

Seeing her friend, who found it hard to believe the efficacy of a product, using Biogreen Science products made her sure that Biogreen Science products were really high quality. Mrs. Dewi then gave Biogreen Science products to Mr. Jamin, because her husband is a former cancer patient.

Chemotherapy that Mr. Jamin underwent during cancer left a bad effect on his body. The man who loves to keeps many pets in his house gets diarrhea as a result of chemotherapy.

Mr. Jamin already visited several doctors to cure his diarrhea. Unfortunately, he did not get a solution for his illness.

"Diarrhea is my main problem. I have visited many doctors, but all answered that my diarrhea could not be treated because it was a result of chemotherapy," Mr. Jamin continued.

"First, I don't feel anything when consuming applesc routinely. After entering the second month, the results began to appear. Usually, I get diarrhea every week, but now my stomach no longer has a problem," added Mr. Jamin.

After being Biogreen Science products consumer for some time, Mr. Jamin finally got the chance to run a Biogreen Science business. He met Mrs. Lussi at a mall in West Jakarta. He admitted that at that time he was not interested because he still had a business as a pipes distributor.

Over time, Mr. Jamin felt that his business was very time and energy-consuming. This is what triggers Jamin to focus on Biogreen Science. The experience of him and his sister consuming Biogreen Science products made it easier for him to introduce Biogreen Science products to many people.

"Besides me, my sister also recovered from breast cancer after consuming Biogreen products. This makes it easier for me because I just have to tell everybody my story," said Mr. Jamin.

"I am confident in Biogreen Science products. The integrity of the company is also guaranteed to be good, especially after seeing Mr. Larry Widjaja's efforts in maintaining members' satisfaction," he continued.

Mr. Jamin admitted that he had received many positive things since he joined Biogreen Science. According to him, in addition to making the body healthy and promising financial stability, Biogreen Science also has a positive impact on the lives of his family.

"Biogreen Science makes me have a lot of quality time to spend with my family. Previously, my wife was busy with her office work and I also busy taking care of business and hobbies," said Mr. Jamin.


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