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Leader ofThe Month


"The most important thing that Biogreen Science had done for me is health, because we are going to lose everything we have got if our health is gone"

The Versatile Women

“The Versatile Woman”

Before joining Biogreen Science, Mrs. Daphne Mallari was doing her activity as a professor at Palawan State University. Besides, she was also certified public accountant and director of internal audit service. She has 5 children and her story was started 18 years ago, when she lost her husband in plane crush, she had to be single parent.

At that time, she faced difficult problem since, she has to raise all of her children by herself. Besides, she also had to watch her healthy to make sure that everything will go fine. From that, she started to change her lifestyle and succeed in achieving healthy life. However, things were changed 3 years ago due to her age. Due to stress and sickness, she tried to find products that can support her health.

Therefore, she joined MLM to buy cheaper products. However, she can’t find any products that are suitable. At the bottom of her heart, she hoped that she can find a product that is good for her. She also tried not to press herself so, she won’t feel stress, but it’s unavoidable because, she received many jobs and elected as the president of her local accounting branch. For her, there was a reason about why she was elected.

At one of the meetings with all presidents, she finally met her Upline. At that time, she gave her Applesc and explained its benefits. Based on the explanation, Mrs. Mallari started to believe that Applesc is the product that she have been waiting for so long. Besides, her upline also explained about the business and Mrs. Mallari decided to buy 4 platinum. By joining Biogreen, she decided to spare her time between Biogreen and her usual job.

While doing the business, she felt many benefits such as, feel healthier, stress decreased, and other benefits. After know Japan Challenge Tour Promo, Mrs. Mallari thought that she want to be more serious in doing the business because, what she have done from February 2018 was only sharing without knowing the entire system. It was started from August 2018, when she sold BIOSCGOLD and there are many people that request it.

The biggest motivation in her life is herself and her children. At the end, she share some messages for everyone,

We can earn money, we can improve career and we can improve the top, but the most important thing that Biogreen Science has done for me is health. Because, we are going to lose everything we have got if our health is gone and that’s the best reason about why you have to stick with Biogreen Science.



Leader of the month

Leader of the month

Jan 2019

Fenny Tjiandra

Life in my life is doing everything honestly and sincerely so that everything is a blessing

Jan 2019

Robert Jonas

Pick the right company that can bring you to sucsess

Des 2018

Eden Talens

Biogreen Science is a company that can make your dream come true through it product and business