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A Man who Dare to Take a Big Step

“A Man who Dare to Take a Big Step”

For Leader of the Month June 2019, we met Mr. Timotinus who live in Surabaya. He works as an IT, hardware expert, and food photographer. Besides, he also has many hobbies such as, music, photography, radio control, and etc.

He knows Biogreen Science through his old friend that brought him. At that time, he saw Biogreen’s product as revolutionary thing and really good. Its efficacies which are variative makes Mr. Timotius is sure with Biogreen.

In doing his business, Mr. Timotius is helped by many people especially, Mr. Robert Jonas and his wife as his upline and Mr. Sam. He said that they are the most important people for him in Biogreen because, they had set a commitment to help many downlines. They also help him in doing the business so, Mr. Timotius felt really helpful.

Besides, his wife also loves Biogreen Science’s products due to its efficacy that is really good. Both of them also consume it to maintain their health and Mr. Timotius’ wife also share this information to other people who met her.

In doing the business, Mr. Timotius get a huge profit which he never had before. Besides, he also get daily bonus that he can use anytime without need to wait.

The more he knows Biogreen, the more his amazement grows. Based on his opinion, Biogreen is an extraordinary company with Mr. Larry Widjaja’s commitment that is really big to help people the poor one. Therefore, he believes that he find the best company for him.

There are many things in Biogreen that Mr. Timotius had felt. He also faced denials that are generally faced by many networkers. However, it doesn’t stop Mr. Timotius and he thought it as positive thing to push him to be better. Besides, he met many people as positive experience that he felt. He helped them to achieve their dream which is similar to his dream.

He felt developed in Biogreen. At first, he was only an IT that worked behind the desk but, he learned many new things especially, presentation and work with other people in doing Biogreen’s event.

In the end, Mr. Timotius hope that people would say yes to any positive offerings which is as same as he did in Biogreen. He agree to do it when his leader asked him and it brought a tremendous impact in his life.

“Biogreen Science has brought a tremendous impact on my life”



Leader of the month

Leader of the month

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