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Leader ofThe Month


"Life in my life is doing everything honestly and sincerely so that everything is a blessing"

The woman with sincere heart

“The woman with sincere heart”

This time, Biogreen Science had a chance to interview Mrs. Fenny Tjiandra. She worked as fish distributor especially, eel and salmon for restaurant, hotel, and supermarket before joining Biogreen Science. She admitted herself as someone that loves to meet new people because, she can learn something new and talked a lot of things. At the beginning, she was very skeptical toward Biogreen Science due to general things about MLM. There were many cases happened about MLM money game and counterfeit products that harmed many people. Besides, she doesn’t like to consume supplement because, she had kidney surgery and preferred natural supplement.

At 2014, Mrs.Tjiandra was diagnosed with cancer and advised for consuming 10 antioxidant tablets for a day. Besides, she had to spend lot of money just for medication. 1 year after, she met her old friend which is also her upline at Biogreen, Mr.Rudi Mulyono. Before met her, Mr.Rudi Mulyono was bankrupt in 2014. However, she looked that he can rise from his bankruptcy, met new people and go abroad.

She felt curious about it and asked about Mr. Mulyono’s job. However, he didn’t explain it explicitly and just give Biogreen Science website instead. She did not open it until December 2015. The first thing that she found is about comprehensive and obvious legality certificate and Biogreen’s office. Besides, she looked for Larry Widjaja, Founder and CEO of Biogreen Science and Mibelle, one of the companies that cooperate with Biogreen which is known as one of the famous cosmetic companies in the world.

Active ingredients used in Biogreen Science’s products are certificated and guaranteed for its safety so, she was interested in consuming the product for her cancer. However, she started to look for testimonies and she found Mr. Mulyono’s relatives. Therefore, she was decided to join Biogreen Science on January 14th2016

Actually, Mrs.Tjiandra’s family suggested her for taking a treatment for cancer but, she denied it due to its cure difficultness. Therefore, she prayed to God and asked the best way for her. After consuming Biogreen products, she started to feel the benefits and got menstruation at the end of January. At the beginning of February, she decided not to consume medication and only Applesc and BIOSCGOLD.

At the beginning of April, she got painful and hot stomach ache. In the toilet, she found blood clots as large as a bowl. It was not only happened once but twice. However, there is no bleeding while on the second after consuming Applesc and BIOSCGOLD because, she suffered of cyst and myoma. Afterwards, she took a check-up for her health. At that time, the doctor was surprised due to the result because, it was good. Next, he asked her about good things that were happened without medication for two months.

Mrs.Tjiandra explained that she only consumed Applesc and BIOSCGOLD. In April 2016, Bio SC Mild was launched and she decided to consume it than BIOSCGOLD. She felt better at every month. In November 2017, Mrs. Tjiandra’s cell has been diagnosed as passive cell based on hispatology check.In addition to Mrs.Tjiandra, there are also two people from her family that consume Bio SC Mild, her younger cousin and her father. The saddest thing that she felt is, she can’t do anything without money. However, the worst thing that she felt is when people don’t even know about what kind of medicine needed to cure their disease.

In addition to its product, Biogreen Science also can help someone’s financial. There are many people who think that Biogreen’s product is overpriced but, its effect is very good. Last year, Mrs. Tjiandra has reached Junior Master Rank. For her, Makassar is still new but, she has a strong desire to inform the product’s benefit and financial in Makassar.

She also feel happy where there are many people who suffer some serious diseases such as, cancer, diabetes, and stroke can feel better after consuming Biogreen’s product. Therefore, she wants to share Biogreen’s product benefit further.She also thanked Biogreen Science management who always support her especially Mr. Roys Tanani who always give his support for her. Biogren also gives many information through some events such as, health seminar and training where there are many people who can improve themselves. She wanted Makassar people to get life improvement especially middle to lower people. Through the events, Mrs Tjiandra feels improvement through her attitude because, she feels more humble and sincere. It’s proven through the way she treats objection and scorn from anyone who doesn’t know Biogreen yet.

In conveying information, Mrs.Tjiandra always stick to three things, her good name, company’s good name, and people’s safety who receive this information. Therefore, she is ready to help many people who asked about herself so, it will be spread well. Mrs. Tjiandra intends to give information to many people about Biogreen Science.

At the end, Mrs. Tjiandra gives a message:
Do everything sincerely! Don’t expect anything from anyone, be kind sincerely and everything will be a blessing.



Leader of the month

Leader of the month

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