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"I believe happiness can be achieved by glorifying the lives of others."

"I believe happiness can be achieved by glorifying the lives of others."

Yuni Warsono's intention to look for a business opportunity became a turning point in his life when he found the word "Biogreen Science" on the internet. His curiosity made the 53-year-old man learn everything about Biogreen Science.

"In October 2017 I found Biogreen Science while browsing the Internet. I then studied Biogreen carefully. Who is the owner, what are the products like and who are the people, " said Yuni.

About four months later Yuni finally established himself as a member of Biogreen Science. Of course, the decision was not taken rashly. Yuni decided to join because he was sure of the quality of Biogreen Science's products.

"The effect of Biogreen Science products is extraordinary for health. My family and I routinely consume Biogreen products every day, "said the man who previously worked as a staff at the Japanese company for 16 years.

For Yuni, health is a top priority in one's life. That kind of thought makes him sure to use Biogreen Science as a vehicle in navigating his life. "It is useless to do business if the body is not healthy," he said.

Yuni feels that Biogreen Science’s mission is in line with his principles of life. This made him feel that the figure of Larry Widaja, Founder of Biogreen Science, was very influential in his life.

"There are two people who are very influential in my life. First is the Founder of Biogreen Science, Mr. Larry Widjaja, and the second is Mr. Samuel, the Biogreen Leader in East Java. I am amazed by Mr. Larry's commitment to carrying out his mission to make millions of Indonesians live even better, "said the man from Pasuruan.

His admiration for Larry Widjaja motivated Yuni to actualize Larry’s dream. Utilizing Biogreen Science Academy (BSA), Yuni created a system to help people who do not have income so they can live a decent life.

In this system, Yuni involves professionals in the health sector such as midwives, nurses, and nutritionists. Through this system, he hopes he can reduce the amount of unemployment.

"According to the data I have, almost 70% of Indonesia people are unemployed, because they only stay at home without having an income. Based on these figures, we built a system to help those who have no income, "said Yuni.

"At BSA, I developed a non-capital business concept. In this system, a person can have an income of up to 80 million rupiahs a month, "he continued.

Although it was created to help those who are unemployed, Yuni said that people who are already working can also join. Yuni called the system he made very flexible because it runs online.

"All of our systems run online through gadgets. This system is also designed to not disrupt the lives of those who join and have a major job besides being a Biogreen Science Member, "said Yuni.

Yuni's effort paid off. The system was designed to help many people give a positive impact on his income. Last May he received a report that his income had skyrocketed this year.

"My struggle to help many people through BSA in recent years has had a positive impact. Last May I got a report that my turnover rose to 200% compared to the previous year, "said Yuni.

The results made him even more eager to continue reaching out for those in need. Yuni said that he will continue to strive to elevate the life of many people through Biogreen Science.

"I have a principle that happiness and health in this world or the afterlife can be achieved by glorifying the lives of others. I believe if we give help to someone, God will reciprocate that good behavior.”



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