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God gives you a power to change your life self, not other people's life

A Man with a Big Dream

A Man with a Big Dream

This time, Biogreen Science visits Surabaya City for interviewing Leader of the Month for October, Mr.Hasnan Latip. Based on his opinion, Biogreen Science is a spiritual path because, he can learn many things in life which change his life drastically such as, love and humanity, how to communicate with other, and how to treat other.

As a child, Mr. Hasnan experienced economic difficulties in his life. He lives in a 6 x 7 house which is contained 9 people. He has to face flooding up to half when it was rain. So, he determined that one day he had to be successful. Finally, he went to Jakarta and there, he worked as a singer at the Pub while continuing his education. After finishing, he worked at a rattan factory as a rattan designer (furniture), property, health and culinary. He was grateful because, he could experience good luck where, he felt progress at the age of 27 years. He can finally go abroad and to all continents, Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Antarctica (south and north poles) which not many people can do this.

However, he was deceived and lost his possessions. Mr. Hasnan was confused and angry about his life. He wondered why he had to face it. He feels that he never deceives people and never gets money from things that are forbidden. He finally felt depressed where, he wanted to end his life.

However, God has another plan. He realized that life must goes on so, he get back to work and maintain his health because, his health was drop while feeling depression. At that time, he can go to hospital twice in a year. Finally, he prayed and ask God for His help because, he want to change his life to become healthier and able to work again. Afterwards, he was offered to join Biogreen.

At first, he was not interested in joining it. In his pray, he asked, why God bring him to MLM but, God has another plan through this thing. After learning the system, he was surprised of its great business plan so, he decided to join. Started from that point, he ran the business and get a huge profit. In the end, he decided to leave his job and focus on Biogreen Science. Biogreen Science becomes a turning point in his life. Since joining Biogreen Science, he found his life again and feel excited like before.

In Biogreen Science, Mr.Hasnan receives a lot of support from many people like, Mrs. Ani that always support him. Besides, there are also Mr.Hasnan’s Uplines such as, Mrs.Selvi, Mr.Kun and Mr.Sam. Based on his opinion, each person has his or her own way in supporting him just like fire and water. Mr.Sam is like water that always support Mr.Hasnan. If he feels overheat, Mr.Kun comes to rejuvenate Mr.Hasnan with his own way and, Mr.Larry, as very kind person and Mr.Hasnan learns that everyone must put integrity first than money and fame.

Through his success on Biogreen, he wants to do things for many people. He speaks to God that he must touch the hearts of those who are not aware that within him, God has given them the power to change their lives. So you don't know that you can be better than you imagine, you are bigger than you think you are. God has given you strength and you have the power to change your life.

Finally, his hope grew again, he had a dream to build a house where he could accommodate people who were no longer accepted by his family because of illness, drugs, or anything else. However, he wants to change it to a simpler thing where, he wants to be a father or father of dejected teenagers all over the world.

At the beginning, he found bonds with downline, and he never think that he can be their father. Sometimes, they call Mr.Hasnan as father because they respect him. This acknowledgement makes him feel really great.

Now, he never set his target very high and he want to do several things such as, he wants to fix himself, make other people feel comfortable while meet him, and he can guide many people sincerely. When his downlines thank him, he wants them to do the same thing as he did that to his downlines.

His problem becomes a factor that change his life where, God tries to teach him if he can be more empathy toward unlucky people (e.g someone who is not able to join because of money) which remind him of his past.

For Mr.Hasnan, Biogreen Science is like a trigger which can make him feel more excited and get a huge source of power.

In the end, He said that God gives you a power to change your life not other people’s life.



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