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Muhammad TaufanPriambodo

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The best are people those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind

A Man Called Juragan Apel

A Man Called Juragan Apel

Before joining Biogreen Science, Mr. Taufan Priambodo worked as a senior accountant and tax specialist in one of huge computer companies in Jakarta. While worked at that place, Mr. Taufan admitted that he enjoyed his job because, he has an opportunity to get a job after graduating. Now, he is focused on doing his business on Biogreen Science by doing various activities such as, presentation, prospecting, help his team, table talk, meeting and other activities.

Mr.Taufan has been doing network marketing business since 1999 and he found some advantages and disadvantages on any network marketing business that he has done for example, good product and poor marketing plan and vice versa. Afterwards, he found Biogreen Science that has good management, product, and marketing plan. Therefore, he decided to join Biogreen Science at January 22nd 2015 and focused entirely at the business.

He was asked by one of his old friends who had also pursued a network marketing business, Ms. Kartini and Ms. Inge. Besides, Larry Widjaja as the founder of Biogreen Science make Mr. Taufan doesn’t think twice to join Biogreen Science. While doing the business, Mr. Taufan has gained many advantages, not only material but also, self-satisfaction because, Biogreen Science has complete features and great support system that supports each other to be succeed.

Mr. Taufan has a big motivation in doing the business and he see Biogreen Science as the best vehicle that can lead him to succees. For the business, he only asked people that are really interested in joining him. There are many positive things that he can get for example, he got more time which can be used for praying. When he was asked about any bad things that were happened in Biogreen Science, he had found almost nothing. He was denied and mocked by anyone while prospected. In his journey, he felt that Biogreen Science has complete features with products and marketing plan with complete facility. If there is anyone who want to get out, there could be something missing in himself.

It proves that Biogreen Science product quality is really good because, there were many testimonies collected by Mr. Taufan about their satisfaction for using Biogreen Science product. It made everyone felt very happy because, they can help many people for dealing in various serious diseases such as, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases.

He sees Biogreen Science as an extraordinary network marketing business. Not only its great marketing plan, the business also had various good products that have been clinically tested and helped many people in dealing with their diseases. Besides, there are also many great people in Biogreen Science such as, Mr.Larry Widjaja, Mr.Roys Tanani, leader team from Jakarta and leader team from other regions.

Biogreen Science brought a huge influence in Mr.Taufan’s life. Because of that, he has many time for doing various things especially, worshipping. Besides, he can manage his time for resting, working and silahturahmi, and praying. In the end, he recited one of the hadith, “the best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind” (HR.Ahmad, ath-Thabrani, ad-Daruqutni).



Leader of the month

Leader of the month

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