The illness suffered by his wife, Linawati, made Bapak Timothy as the head of the family must work extra to earn more income to cure his wife's illness. The man who had a background as a teacher at a private school in Tangerang never thought that from the illness of his wife was the beginning he knew the efficacy of Apple Stemcell from Biogreen Science which eventually he knew its business and drastically changed the life of this small family. Success in improving his family life financially and successfully helping many people from Biogreen Science business that he run, makes us want to know more about the figure of Bapak Timothy J. Daun and share the success stories from him in Leader of the Month February 2018 edition.
Introduced by a former student when he became a lecturer, Lidya, accompanied by Ibu Liny, who is now her upline, Bapak Timo, his nickname, was curious about Apple Stemcell used by Biogreen Science as one of its products' ingredients. He took a deeper look at its efficacy and got the answer. From his search and testimonials, he was finally convinced to provide an alternative treatment by providing supplements from Biogreen Science to his beloved wife. It was sure enough, the illness suffered by his wife can totally heal.
This two-children father's life is full of struggle. The economic problems of the debt-laden family made him had to find another way in order to be free from the problem. "I used to have a business but it went bankrupt and even brought the debt," he said. He must pay the debt from his salary every month for 10 years. From the meeting and explanation from Lidya and Ibu Liny, he got information about the Biogreen Science business and started to learn it deeper. "From Biogreen Science business, I really did not expect to be able to pay off all debts," he continued. This Master-ranked Leader of the Month is very active in the meetings and training provided by Biogreen Science. From his liveliness, he meets and knows with extraordinary colleagues who are ready to share knowledge to run this business to achieve his success.
His meeting with Mrs.Lussi in this business who explained bluntly about the network business, turning this bespectacled man changed his way of looking at the network business. Supported and motivated by the beloved wife to keep growing, making the Leader who likes reading as his hobby, made him strong and has more passion in achieving success. In addition, he also believes that Biogreen Science's business has a tremendous impact, not only on himself and his family but also for the many people that he offers about the business, making it a great motivation for him to continue to be at Biogreen Science and spreading the common good to the needy. "Generally people who join my network are people who used to get sick and then they feel the tremendous benefits of Biogreen Science products," he explained.

The man who never felt that rejection is a bitter experience in running this Biogreen Science business, but it is a spur to keep him in the spirit to prove that through the business network one's life can change for the better. Resigning from his job as a teacher was a big step he took to focus on running the Biogreen Science business. "Biogreen Science is an easy business to run. It is such a life-changing business. So, why Biogreen Science? Why not? "He closed.
Timothy J.Daun -- “In Hope, He Achieves His Dreams” | Leader of the Month February 2018 Edition
Timothy J.Daun -- “In Hope, He Achieves His Dreams” | Leader of the Month February 2018 Edition
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