Coming directly from Surabaya to Jakarta, Biogreen Science team finally got a chance to have a face-to-face and to have a dialogue directly with the figure of one of the Leaders from Surabaya, Kuncoro Basuki Chandra. A Leader who we met is an interior designer as his background of career life. From his business that he and his family have built for about 20 years ago could make his life far from adequate life, but a miracle that he had not imagined before came when a product from Biogreen Science, Applesc, consumed by his mom who was stroke for 12 years and finally totally healed of God's grace and assisted by Applesc. That happening was what make Pak Kun, his nickname, to take a step to join this network business. His success story that he pioneered from this business, making him chosen as The leader of the Month November edition 2017.
The beginning of his meeting with this business cannot be separated from the figure of Pak Samuel Lianto, one of the big Leaders and also one of KOMNAS Biogreen Science members. Pak Sam was the one who made him amazed with what he did and the success he achieved, but Pak Kun did not just jump into this business, it took 5 months after he and his mama felt the incredible benefits from one of Biogreen Science's products, Applesc, to ready and dare to make a move.
The 39-year-old leader has proven to himself and others about the wrong perspective of the networking business. "a simple marketing plan to make anyone can learn it easily," Pak Kun said. Biogreen Science has transformed the life of himself and family, joined about 3 years ago, with just 3 months of income that could have equaled his income from his interior design business that was built 20 years ago. In running this business, his family always support him. The big step he did was theright thing, "This is the momentum, good products and amazing marketing plan calculations make me focus on this business" he continued.
A man who comes from Surabaya, the business that gives almost all his time to do this business and helps others get out of economic trouble of course by running the Biogreen Science business. In his daily activity, he always runs a system that has been created by Biogreen Science, home-meeting with his colleagues and comes to the meeting are also some routines conducted by Pak Kun to continue to improve and keep the network productive.
Biogreen Science changes many things in the life of a father who has two children. In addition to practicing self-leadership, Biogreen Science has also transformed his rare personality to read books, there was a time when I felt that there was no movement, and as a networker I was required to read a book, which is not my hobby, but because of this business and my desire to read books became a thing for me to become a better networker, he said. Biogreen Science which is the right business for all people has realized the dreams of Bapak Kuncoro. "Hard work will not betray the results because only those who do more are the ones who deserve get," he said before ending our interview.
Kuncoro Basuki Chandra -- “Dare To Make A Big Step” | Leader of the Month November 2017 Edition
Kuncoro Basuki Chandra -- Dare To Make A Big Step | Leader of the Month November 2017 Edition
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