Leader of The Month featuring Kartini - The Remarkable Mother
It is Kartini, just like Indonesian woman hero born in April that has the similar name Kartini, she is also very persistent. The person who is usually called as "Bunda" has been doing Biogreen Science business since May 2015 until today.
The 51 years old mother has proved herself and believed that development of Biogreen Science business has a very great result and rapid one. During 21 years in doing business through Network Marketing, Biogreen Science business is the only network marketing business that has a great outstanding result for her.
It is all started during the visit of Mrs. Inge, her upline, to Jakarta, and she invited her to meet with Mr. Larry Widjaja. Then Mr. Larry told about the business and products of Biogreen Science in detail, and he explained the illustration of getting 1 billion rupiah. She was then getting more interested in the business even after she had consumed the product of Applesc for four days. She finally got menstruation after more than six months no longer experiencing menstruation. After that, she asked Mr. Larry to have an appointment with a doctor, namely Dr. Richard, at the residence of Mr. Larry. There she became more convinced because she saw Mr. Larry financially was very strong as a founder.
Her children are the biggest motivation for Kartini to gain her success in Biogreen Science.
The mother of three children, before becoming successful as now, has undergone many bitter challenges in Network Marketing business. One of them is got rejection. However being rejected is a natural thing to be received wherever the individual works. Even though the rejection is relentless, the result obtained after the hard work is very high. So she responded to the rejection while doing this business as a reasonable one, and there is no need to worry much about it.
Kartini always attends to all Biogreen Science activities.
Another thing that makes her to go forward even after experiencing many challenges, like refusal, is because she loves his profession as a Networker. In addition, there are several factors that prompted her to become convinced in this business. First is in terms of the system. She thinks that there is no company has a big payout as in Biogreen science. Even the products of Biogreen Science have already had clinical tests, and the active ingredients derived from the cooperation with large international companies, like Mibelle Biochemistry. In fact she has ever visited the company directly to Europe to prove and see the process of production of the stem cell active ingredients. The third is an interesting Marketing Plan. The fourth is a reliable management, and the last is the Support System. The company even provides doctor, namely Dr. Richard, who is able to explain in detail about the stem cell as the main active ingredient in Biogreen Science’s products and provide knowledge about these products to its members.

Her desire to go ahead eventually led to the outstanding results. She managed to save her house. Before knowing Biogreen Science, she experienced difficult condition financially and mortgaged house. By running Biogreen Science business, she got her house back. In addition, she had won the trip to Europe for the first time in May 2015 and September 2015, and lately she managed to have a trip to America in March. The achievement in terms of earnings is also very remarkable.

Larry Widjaja is not only CEO, but also inspiring and influential best friend.
Her outstanding success all thanks to some great figures who always support her every time. And for her, the figure of Larry Widjaja is the most instrumental person in her success because he has supported her even in the worst conditions. In addition, another figure that has a big role in her success is Mrs. Inge for introducing Biogreen Science to her, and her children who never get tired in giving endless support.
For her, the success that she gained started with a dream. The dream to continue to succeed, not to give up easily, and most important is faithful to the process to achieve them. As Soekarno, the first president of Indonesia, said, "Dream as high as the sky, if you fall, you will fall among the stars".
Dian Sophia - Editor & Copywriter

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