Leader of The Month featuring Haryanto Widjaja - The Single Fighter

Sometimes we cannot depend on other people and should stand on our own feet to continue our dreams. Maybe this is the key for the 65 years old man that still look healthy and active in running Biogreen Science business. Met at Biogreen Science headquarter, the man that familiar with the nickname "Daddy", did not hestitate to share his life story and his success secrets.

The man who called himself Daddy has a real name Haryanto Widjaja. He just arrived in Jakarta on that morning when our team met him. According to one of Biogreen Science customer service, in maintaining his downlines and doing some presentations, Daddy often travels and take solo trips from town to town including Jakarta. Our curiousity went to its peak, questioning what has motivated Daddy to love Biogreen Science business in his golden years.

Because of Daddy's persistance and tenacity in running Biogreen Science business made us interested to make Haryanto Widjaja as Leader of The Month on this breezy September 2016.

Flashing back to years ago, it turned out that our founder Mr. Larry Widjaja introduced Biogreen Science business to Daddy. There were no products back then but Daddy was really interested with the business. "Mr. Larry came to Bali and gave some samples of the products to us. I tried some, and I felt better. The benefits are awesome!" Said Daddy when being interviewed.

According to Daddy, it is not really difficult to recruit others into the business because the products are good and have a lot of health benefits. This opportunity made Daddy easier to build his team. For the record, Biogreen Science is known for its best products with various clinical tested active ingredients. This also became the reason why Daddy puts his trust on Biogreen Science.

After two years with Biogreen Science, Daddy got Senior Master badge on recognition event ACE 2016. "I feel like my hardwork pays off," Said Daddy with a big smile on us. "There were times when I got bitter experiences, but there is no business without bitter experiences," He continued. So who is the one behind his back that gives him motivation and support? The answer was really interesting, "No one, I am on my own feet. Almost on every business".

Watch the whole story here.

Leader of The Month -- The Single Fighter (September 2016 edition)
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