Who receives Pass Up Bonus?

Those who will get Pass Up Bonus is upline or closest Platinum.

For example: If a Silver recruits a Platinum, the company should pay a bonus of iC300. However, since that member is just Silver, he can only get iC100, the remaining iC200 will be paid to the closest upline of Silver.

For example: The closest upline of the Silver is Gold, then Gold uplinewill get a iC100 bonus, the balance of the iC100 will be paid to the Platinum that is above the Gold.

How much the Data Input Bonus or Register Bonus that will be received by each account?

P − S = iC 4,5

P − G = iC 22,5

P − P = iC 45

If you forget to do Closed Point/Maintenance, will the BV be lost?

If you forget to do maintenance, the BV that has got in, will not be lost. However, BV from the later transactions that occurred in the time you do not maintain, will be lost.

What has the company done to address Undercutting?
  1. Online: We have sent a letter of warning to those who have online stores in order to remove all ads of Biogreen products in their online stores. If they ignore it, we will send summons.
  2. Store: We have planned to make the draft to be sent to the store. We will also ask the police’s assistance as well.
For preventive action at a later time, we have 2 steps
  1. All products will be given a safety hologram serial number, and that number can be checked online by all members. Those who have the goods and the others will be caught. If they are caught, the sanction is blocking the IP so that they can not login from the IP.
  2. For iProduct, we will replace Apple packaging, from box into plastic, and it is not to be sold. It is only for self-consumption.
Where should members report the problem of Undercutting?

Members can report directly to the email of anti undercutting team:

How to Reset a Password for Login?
  1. Open our website in www.biogreenscience.com, click Login, then click Forget Password, enter your Username, choose Verify by Email Address or Verify by Phone Number, enter your Phone Number/Email. The last is click Retrieve Password.
  2. After that, automatically, your new password will be sent via Email or your phone number by our system.
  3. The reset of Login Password can only be done once in a day.
How to Reset Security Password?
  1. Log in, click on My Profile, click Change Security Password.
  2. Enter your Old Security Password, enter your New Security Password.
  3. Your New Security Password can be used immediately. If you forget your Old Security Password, please contact our office to be reset directly by our customer service.
  4. The data we need is your Username and your ID Card.
  5. Reset security password can only be done once in a day.
How to get the new Applesc?

The new Applesc can only be obtained by order delivery.

Can the Applesc be consumed for patients with high blood pressure?

Yes, it is safe for patients with high blood pressure.

How do I take Applesc?

Applesc can be consumed in 2 ways, which are: mixwith 170 ml of water or consume directly by pouring under the tongue (sublingual).

Why Applesc is better if consumed directly under the tongue (sublingual)?

It is to speed up the process of absorption into the body perfectly, because the blood vessels are under the tongue.

How long does the process of disbursement of i-Cash to the account of the member (withdrawal) take?

For users of BCA, it takes 1-2 working days.

Other than BCA, it takes 3-4 working days.

Are there charges for each withdrawal transaction?

There will be a charge of iC3 or Rp30.000 for each withdrawal transaction.

When members check the website of Mibelle Biochemistry, why is there no information that Biogreen Science is the only distributor partner in Indonesia?

PT. Colorindo is the part of retail sales, while Biogreen Science is for the sale of network marketing, Dr. Fred said later Biogreen Science will be the only one that has the right to sell Applesc as food for Multi Level Marketing Company. At this time, PT. Colorindo is more about selling the cosmetic ingredients, while Biogreen Science sells food, but now Biogreen Science also has started selling cosmetics. So between Mibelle, Biogreen Science and PT. Colorindo all are related. It is just like Ester-C in Indonesia, there are two, ie. one is sold through PT. CNI (for the MLM) and one issold through PT. Multicare for the retail market such as the Guardian, Century and others.

How to register referrals/downlines from other countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and the Ghana)?
  1. You may contact directly the persons of each country.
  2. Phone number, email and address are all available on our website www.biogreenscience.com
  3. You may click About Us.
  4. Then click Country Stockists.
  5. After getting the contact from the origin country of your downline candidate, please call and request to be registered as a member of the country. However, you are still as the sponsor.
How to input Serial Number, if stockists removing items that are not consecutive?
  1. Enter it one by one ex: 1124 to 1124 and then click the Retrieve serial no button.
  2. Repeat for the next number.
  3. When you are finished, click the Submit order serial no.
Does it have big differences from the previous system? Can we put more than one foot for one name when we input?
    1. Each ID card can only input once starts from February 1st 2016.
    2. This new system only applies for membership upgrade and ID card number input.
    3. Things that changed inside member area and must be considered are:
      1. Membership Upgrade Menu has changed into “PERSONAL SALES”
      2. Maintenance Menu − Previously using iProduct changes into “REDEMPTION”
      3. Maintenance Menu − Previously using iCash in member are is “MAINTENANCE”

      So there will be two maintenance menus, these two menus if used can activate binary bonus for 60 days. The difference is when using iCash, the sponsored upline will get iC30 sponsorship bonus and pairing bonus iC22.5. Maintenance menu with this iCash is for new members that do not have products. Because it is forbidden to make Perfect Triangle, so new members may do maintenance with MAINTENANCE menu, except those members have iProduct. Please use REDEMPTION menu.

Is BV applied only for the new members, or also applied for old members? For example, there is Gold old member with 5000 BV tenuous foot, can he/she upgrade with additional 4000 BV?
    The new system to collect tenuous foot's BV for Free Upgrade is applied for the new members that joined from February 1st 2016 above.
To upgrade with personal sales system and BV Team exchange. Can we combine Team BV if it less than the specified criteria?
    You can't combine the total of tenuous foot's BV with Personal Sales, you can choose one then your membership will be upgraded.
Do we use 100% iProduct for redemption or can we combine with iCash for the VAT?
    It is not changed. VAT needs to be paid using iCash
Is it okay if I have 3 Platinums and 3 ID Cards but the bank account number is the same?
    You can use other names or other ways. But the company only gives you one account for one ID.
If there are new members who want to upgrade, is it still as it used which is purchasing separately by iCash or can it only be upgraded when the team managed to sell 100 boxes and earn 9000BV?
    Both are permitted. You can do purchase in your own with the personal menu sales (formerly is known as upgrade membership). If you want to work together with the team and achieve 9000BV at the small feet then its membership will be automatically upgraded by the system.
If there are triple platinum, the first account is filled with the real ID Card Number, then the second and the third account are only used to collect the bonus. All bonuses that will be withdrawn can only go through the first account. If the ID Card Number of the first and second account can be filled wrongly?
    However members certainly have other means that the Company and the Government can not control since we only control based on the ID Card Number.
Is the Repeat Order for the name of the user only possible with the payment by credit card only? Can we do a Repeat Order for Gold or Platinum package?
    Repeat Order (Maintenance) method can be done at the office or uplines, you also can do this using cash, debit or credit card at our office. For Repeat Order menu, the purchasing is not per Gold package or Platinum, meanwhile per Box. You can purchase 5 boxes, 10 boxes or even 100 boxes.
For Repeat Order or Maintenance, is the BV pairing only given to the weak feet? If this continues to happen and is done by the system, it may become a strong one someday. So will the BV not be given anymore? Can it be our savings as it usually occurs now?
    If the Downline of the week feet does Maintenance, you will get pairing bonus + sponsor bonus (If you are a direct sponsor). If the Downline with strong feet performs maintenance, then you will get BV.
Can the Platinum account still perform on behalf maintenance as before?
    Yes, platinum account can still do on behalf of maintenance for the Downline and will get 5% input bonus.
Can Platinum still help Repeat Orders for Silver members? I mean we use Platinum login then do a Repeat Order for Silver member, for example A.
    Yes. For redemption by using On Behalf method that is 50% iProduct and 50% iCash, meanwhile if it is using Maintenance, when On Behalf you will use 100% iCash and get the input bonus 5%.
Is the account number must be the same or equal to each ID Card?
    The name of the account must match the name of the profile owner, if it is not, when the withdrawal is going to do, it will be rejected unless you have never done withdrawal, things that have been inputted are not a problem.
What if I already bought 3 points prior to February 1st 2016, do I need to update profile? Or the system will only perform block id for new members just on the beginning of February 1st 2016? Because there may be members who have purchased a lot of points, yet they have not updated the profile. And tomorrow when the update is on progress, will the second point be?
    Only valid for the new members from February 1st 2016 which need different ID card number, if you already become member before February 1st 2016 and have not update the profile then it is not matter.
If one account with 1 Data of ID Card joins Silver and miss 45 days of the period of upgrading, then would it be a silver forever?
    Yes. That's correct.
Is the input of ID Number is only for ID Card? Can it be inputted with ID Number on the driver's license or passport or other data even though the name is the same?
    Yes. As long as it has the same account name.
Is the requirement of sponsoring the left foot first, then you can do the sponsoring of the right foot still valid?
    It is still the same, you need to sponsor those two for activation and sponsorship bonus.
What if when it reached 9000 BV and the week foot becomes strong one, is the membership still upgraded?
    As long as the weak foot has reached 9000 BV then it will be automatically upgraded by the system.
If a Downline performs maintenance (100% iCash), is the sponsorship bonus still accepted by the upline?
    The sponsorship bonus will still be received by direct sponsor that had done maintenance.
If the selling of 100 or 200 boxes are only from Left-Foot, but there is no selling on the Right-Foot, will the BV stay up and can be upgraded automatically?
    If the Right-Foot has no sales, well it means your tenuous foot will be 0 BV and you cannot automatically upgrade because for auto upgrade, you need to have 9000 BV on your tenuous foot. (100 boxes on the left, and 100 boxes on the right)
Is the 9000 BV that is referred is the remain BV within 45 days after deducting BV that becomes pairing bonus?
    The 9000 BV is not the Remain BV but it is the accumulation BV with your group.
If both Left-Foot and Right-Foot have 100 boxes and have achieved 9000 BV, Does it upgrade automatically?
    Yes, it does. At least the small-Foot has 9000 BV within 45 days.
What is the relationship between new system and undercutting?
    The relationship is that with new system, members do not need to open a lot of points and it will decrease of undercutting chances.
If the sponsor bonus through maintenance order is received by the direct sponsor, so how to gain benefits for usernames that do repeat for the second and third ones and so on? Since in the current system they get cash back and pairing bonus, while the current maintenance system the bonus is given to the direct Upline?
    You can also the the purchasing in the current system to get cashback (have the second point and the third point). But when the due time of 60 days in the old system they must purchase one box in order to keep getting BV and binary bonus, and they should do purchasing with the old maintenance menu and also that isfine, even the Upline can only get sponsor bonus and pairing bonus. So it is clear that the new system is more advantageous.
For those who only consume the products (user), if they do the maintenance continuously, will they get sponsor bonus and pairing bonus?
    Yes, they can get sponsor bonus and pairing bonus, but they must do sponsoring of 2 Downlines to do maintenance also, so the users can get iC30 + iC30 + iC22.5 every month. And do not forget that 25% will be cut for iProduct.
​If A is the sponsor of B, and B is the sponsor of C, whenever C do the maintenance with iCash, which one who will get the fast start bonus? A or B?
    Member who recieves the fast start bonus is B from the maintenance result of C​.
Why does in the packaging of Applesc was written that it contains the preservative sodium benzoate on the solar vitis?

    Na-benzoic is only the raw materials from solar vitis not the product, the addition on na-benzoate was in very low concentrations, which is 0.0000000% thus it becomes undetectable.

    Na-benzoate with low concentrations is not harmful, if it is too much to put, it will be hold by BPOM. In fact, this thing will be a good thing because BPOM has written in parentheses of the Solar Vitis to clarify that it is indeed from Mibelle instead of Biogreen and Mibelle does not want to risk its name by putting a hazardous substance.

Does the patient with Hepatitis C can consumed Applesc?
    Basically Applesc can be consumed by everyone. Because Applesc was developed from an active ingredients with a high quality and can improve the condition of the nutrition to add the immune of the body from disease.
How to Reset the Login Password?

    This is how to reset the Login Password:

    1. Open our website at www.biogreenscience.com, click Login, and click Forget Password, fill your Username, choose Verify by Email Address or Verify by Phone Number, fill your telephone number/youremail. Last, click Retrieve Password.
    2. It is automatically that your new password will be send to your email address or your telephone number by our system.
    3. Reset Login Password can be done only once a day.
How to Reset Security Password?

    This following step is how to Reset Login Password:

    1. Open our website at www.biogreenscience.com. Click Login, click My Profile, Click Change Security Password.
    2. Fill your previous Security Password, fill your new Security Password.
    3. Your new Security Password can be automatically used. If you forget your previous Security Password, you can contact to our office and our customer service will reset your password.

    We need your username and your KTP for the data. Reset security password can be done only once a day.

Does the old members can buy starterkit?
    Yes, the old members can buy starterkit via maintenance menu. Starter kit can be ordered only via maintenance order menu, full purchasing of iCash.
Where can the members report their blocked account due to perfect triangle issue?
    The account of a member who is blocked due to perfect triangle can report to this email address legal@biogreenscience.com to check the account and to unblock the blocked account.
What is Perfect Structure (Segitiga Sempurna)? And what is the main purpose of this system?

    The Perfect Structure regulation is one from many terms and condition that agreed by both Biogreen Science management and One Biogreen since the first of February 2016. The system will automatically block fifteen fullfilled dots, either intentionally or not.

    Because if the fifteen dots (even with Silver rank) are formed and upgraded to Platinum rank, then logically they get 150 boxes and those people might get very cheap price for those 150 boxes.

    This system is applied to all members. The Maintenance Menu will be blocked for the old members who have Perfect Triangle or within this structure. So that they can only do Maintenance with Redemption Menu (iCash + iProduct).

    For the new members (members who registered from Feburary 1st, 2016 until present), they will experience a temporary block so they cannot Login to the system.

    These new members who are blocked by the system because of Perfect Triangle can send their scnaned ID card and bank account book to legal@biogreenscience.com, our staff will do verification.

    We demand the supports from the leaders and all members to keep the stability price of products along with the company because this system was made to keep the stability price of product and to keep ourselves from the undercutting harmful.

    Source: Email larrywidjaja@yahoo.com

Who will receive rebate bonus after doing maintenance order?

    The account who does the maintenance order is the account that receive rebate bonus.

    For example:

    1. Account A do maintenance order, account A will get the rebate bonus.
    2. Account B do on behalf maintenance order for downline account B. Account B will get the rebate bonus.