Hi Biogreeners, here's tips to make network bigger in three months.


In running a Network Business, thing that must be on your mind is how to make your network business grows rapidly. The first step that you should consider is to expand your network. With the development of your network, it will be easier for you to live your own business. It means you are one step closer to achieve your dream in becoming a successful businessman.

Here are surefire tips from Biogreen Science in enlarging the network in 3 months or 90 days:

  1. There are at least fifteen direct referrals of direct Downlines. Direct referrals are people whom you introduce to this business directly.
  2. You have a network of at least ten depths.
  3. You have a minimum of 150 Downlines within three months. Should these conditions be achieved in more than a year then you will lose momentum, and this will lead to discouragement so that your business can not be considered as healthy one. Momentum is needed in network business. By the time you have got the momentum, your business will be difficult to go down. 
Therefore what are the things that should be done to get the momentum like this?
  1. Master the basic step to be success immediately, which are vision, dreams, goals, list of names, inviting, presentation, follow up, protection and closing. You have to master and practice it.
  2. Prepare a minimum of 100 name list. If you want to achieve this goal, create a new goal then create a new name list again. Reorder a minimum of 100 name list again. If there are some missed name list that have not been called or have not been asked for a meeting yet, put them to the new name list and place them in the first rank. Before you proceed to other names, contact those who are in the initial list first. You should be able to conquer your fear when you have to contact each name on the list attempts. Once you do this, the rest will be easy for you.
  3. Prepare one certain day for exercising in how to invite prospects by inviting active Upline in this business. Learn the effective ways to invite with the same system as the ways of working should be the same. Sometimes there are certain sentences that unwittingly lead to the absence of the prospects after being invited. However if you sit with your Upline and learn about it, your Upline will tell you the words that should not be used while inviting. For example, avoid the words of “presentation” and “meeting”. Learn the words that should be used and the words that should be avoided with your Upline who has an experience on it. Then learn how to invite and train the skill continuously. If this can be achieved then there is a bigger possibility of the presence of prospects.
  4. Prepare another certain day specifically for presentation training with your active Upline in this system. Despite of the most effective presentation is direct practice, you still need to prepare a particular day for One On One presentation training as it is required for every networker. If you expect people to join without having to do the presentation, it will create a bad duplication. If you want to succeed, you need to have courage to do at least One On One then Home Meeting and continued with big presentation. This will train your mental.
  5. Do Home Meeting at least twice a week. Home Meeting can be done in your own house or in Downline’s house. Do it continuously for three months.
  6. Perform One On One at least three times a week on an uneffective time, like lunch time.
  7. Attend every big presentation that is held once a week by your Upline and invite new prospects and Downlines. If there is no big presentation in your city, then just do the Home Meeting and One On One continuously. You also need to bring new Downlines and promote the big meeting to show that the business is carried out by various groups.
  8. It means in a week you have at least six times of presentation, twice for Home Meeting, three times for One On One and once for big presentation. Look at its effects. The more you do the presentation, the more chance you get people to join.
  9. Prepare a certain day to do the follow-up exercise with your active Upline. Ideally, you should learn how to do the follow up with your Upline. Follow what is being taught by your Upline, if it is necessary take a note of the points.
  10. After mastering the techniques of follow-up, your next task is to teach it to your Downlines. In fact you have to take over the task of follow-up of your Downlines who are new in this business. As an Upline you should help your Downline through the completion by helping the follow-up since you want to have the depth in your business. The best way to do the follow up is by not asking whether your prospects want to join this business or not.
  11. Do the selection of some of your Downlines who are teachable and can cooperate well. Teachable means they are willing to learn humbly or to follow your instructions with humility. Work with the right people. Do not cooperate with your inconsistent Downlines or those who like to teach rather than learn. You also can not do this emotionally. For example, there is an emotional feeling to A then you only want to work together with A, while B may be more serious in the business, but you do not have a close relationship with B emotionally. Remember that your focuss must be on the business then building a social aspect.
  12. You need to invite your Downline together with you in the process of learning and teaching, both at Home Meeting, One On One, follow-up, or another learning process.
  13. You have to cover up your flaws or weaknesses in the business by creating a group as heterogeneous as possible. Your network can be seen as a healthy network if it consists various groups, like young adults, adults, businessman, employees and housewives. If your group consists of only one particular group (homogeneous) then it is not healthy. Therefore socialize with various people from any circles.
  14. Treat your depth Downline as you treat your direct Downline because there is no difference.
  15. Practice edification, do not do cross-lining and do consultation. You have to practice it sincerely.
  16. You have to read books at least fiveteen minutes every day consistently to maintain your momentum. Reading books is useful to be insightful, to learn the character of others, to understand different opinion, sympathy and empathy for others, and so on. If you want to gain the momentum in this business, do things related to your business in everyday life. If there is no appointment of Home Meeting, One On One or a follow-up, at least you have to read a book. Watch the CD of BOP and Training to learn more about training material. Buy the CD and watch it at least once for a day. If it is necessary, watch it continuously.
  17. If there are steps that you are going to take, yet you feel in doubt, consult with your Upline. Do not take your own conclusion based on your own thought.
  18. Duplicate this work way to your active Downlines. You have to cooperate with the right people who are serious and active in this business. Those are people who like to ask, have a big curiousity, do not complain too much, frequently attend training to learn. These are the characteristic of people who are serious in your network. Do not force yourself to work with people who are not ready to succeed. If they are not serious with this business then your job is to make them understand. You need to do the follow up again with Downlines who have already joined this business since they do not have more understanding regarding the business. This is can be seen from the attitude and actions. For example, theyrarely come to BOP and Training. Successful people are those who are consistent and have the commitment as well as the ability to control emotions.
Perform these steps in continuous way consistently until you reach the momentum. If you have achieved the momentum in this business then your business will grow like a snowball. At the top it is still small, but by the time it is rolling down, it gets bigger. If your network is like this then there will be passive income. In short, practice what you have learned.
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