Friday, October 20th 2017 – The Indonesia Halal Lifestyle Center held The 2nd Indonesia International Halal Lifestyle. This event was an annual event created to provide awareness and information about halal lifestyles and also to provide education about halal-related businesses. There were a lot of activities conducted on October 19 - 21, 2017, which included exhibition of halal products covering 10 sectors, mainly on food, fashion, cosmetics, media recreation and travel, art performance and screening film.
At the event which took place at Balai Kartini Exhibition and Convention Center, the CEO of Biogreen Science and The Chairman of PT Griya Komunitas Kita, Larry Widjaja, participated to support the event by being a speaker in the screening film session. In the screening film that played the film "Iqra" was also presented by the reliable speakers to provide education and to give perspectives on one of the halal film screenings, they were the film producer "Iqra" Ibu Budiyati Abiyoga and also famous Indonesian actress Ibu Christine Hakim.
On that special occasion, Bapak Larry Widjaja gave an explanation about the screening of the film "Iqra" based on the field he is in, the cinema business. Bapak Larry Widjaja stated in his presentation that the film "Iqra" as a halal film was a very good thing for a producer to make a place in educating the general public about halal lifestyle. "In every film screening, of course there is a media for its distribution, one of the medium is cinema, but for the record that the cinema studios in Indonesia are still very uneven," said Bapak Larry Widjaja in his presentation.
He continued that when viewed from a business point of view, building or studio of cinemas in Indonesia is a very good business opportunity for the future. Together with PT Griya Komunitas Kita, Bapak Larry Widjaja also created a business opportunity for the community, which is building a cinema business of KOTA Cinema Mall, to continue to grow together which of course by making of this business opportunity can also be a good support for producers in disseminating and educating the public through the impressions of quality, and one of them is the halal screening of films such as the movie "Iqra".
Led by a beautiful and talented presenter, Ibu Syifa Fauziah, who made the series of events in the film screening session run smoothly. In the closing of the film screening session, the presenter gave the opportunity to Bapak Sapta Nirwandar as the Chairman of Indonesia Halal Lifestyle Center to deliver a few closing words. "Film screenings are the right sphere to convey a message. And if it means, the word "Iqra" itself actually means reading; reading the Qur'an, reading nature and reading ourselves. Today, seeing its development, lifestyle must also be read. Cannot be denied, business is also one of ways in reading the lifestyle. As done by Bapak Larry Widjaja in creating business opportunities for the wider community by making KOTA Cinema Mall," he said when ended the event.
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