Misperception Regarding the Networking Business

There are some misperceptions that come from the performers of the business which are the networkers about the business they do. Here are a few examples of the wrong perception that are often arisen:

1. In a network business, those who joined first are the successful ones.

This perception is the perception of the pyramid that you can not pursue those who are above you. This is a wrong perception and the wrong idea as well as pessimistic one. However, this network business is not a pyramid. Downline can earn more than the senior, or crossline can have a larger network than those who were longer in this business. You can pursue anyone in this business whether it is your upline or your senior and earn much bigger as log as your work seriously.

2. "I do not have time."

Networking is a business that applies to anyone, and no matter how busy you are. This business is a duplication business. For example, if you have 1 hour a day and have  thousand downlines which each has 1 hour a day, then you have a thousand hours. This business is appropriate for those who do not have much time, those who are less educated, the elderly and young adults.

3. Downline works for the upline.

You do not work for your upline because you do it for yourself. Even if an upline earns on each downline who recently joined, it is a system that you have agreed since the beginning, and it also applies to you.

4. “My upline becomes a successful one because of me."

Your success and your upline’s are not the factor of downline or upline. Ignore those who are arrogant and play hard to get in your network. If you have a bigger check and a larger network, do not underestimate your upline. Remember that you are not a determinant of the success of your upline.

5. Downline becomes successful because of an upline.

The most important factor of individual’s success is the individual concerned who want to fight for himself.

6. The business makes me look like a coolie.

If you are the real networker, you will never be ruled by your downline. You are the one who can control your own business.

7. A big bonus is a healthy network.

A big check does not guarantee a strong network. Good networkers are able to build a good network, not just sell the products. The wrong working way is when you only focus on selling products. A healthy network is a network in which there are many leaders who are network builders. There is a term that says, "Build the people, the people will build the business for you. You never build the people, people will die, they will never build the busines for you."

8. Failure is the end of everything.

Have you heard that if failures are collected, it will be a success? If you think that failure is the end of everything then you belong to the category of people who are pessimistic, do not have a dream, skeptical and quitter. You should read books and listen to training tapes regularly in order to open up your mind. You can learn from Nelson Mandela that stays in prison for years  but able to become appreciated president and also the life story of Thomas Alfa Edison.

9. Downline is more important than the upline.

Those who have such perception are usually overprotective and protect downline. If you take a deeper notice, if there is a conflict between the downline and upline, you need the best third party that is your upline. So if it is viewed in terms of value, upline is more important because you need your upline in order to build your business.

10. In particular city you need to rent a hotel for a meeting. Usually, downline asks upline to pay for the cost of the building.

In the concept of networking, every person is a network builder and a business owner. Without considering the large or small network, the principle is the same whether he does not have any downline or have 10 thousand downline underneath. There is no difference between a business owner that just start up and who has joined . They have the same principles and in charge of their own money. You must have the same concept if you want to manage this business for a long term. Let him know how valuable the money he spends, so then he would appreciate the struggle.

11. There is no need to do in building the business.

This business has a small capital compared with other businesses, but it does not mean investment is not needed. As a business owner, you need to invest. You do not need to invest repeatedly in large amounts. Thing you should invest is yourself. It means you have to increase or improve yourself by paying to attend the training. In addition, you also have to invest in a book by buying it in accordance with your ability in buying books. Then invest in DVD and cassette training. Your investment is to build yourself, in addition for investments for the phone, inviting, home meeting.

12. Prospect is more important than upline.

There is an examples of case where downline is more concerned to make a presentation at home rather than come to training because he thinks training is not important. If you do not establish yourself how you can build your network? If you do not have the knowledge in training how can you build your network? In the end what you are doing will be useless. Presentation is important, but training is more important.
13. Why do I have to come to the presentation if I do not bring a prospect? (It is only for particular city that holds presentation)

You come to build yourself. Besides, you should read books and listen to the cassettes, you have to assemble and associate with people who have a vision.

14. I do not want to follow the old system that you are working on.

Let them choose because they are not your subordinate. However It is better for you to choose "copy and development" than the "research and development’. Follow your upline and mentor who has been successful.

15. The concept of cross-lining.

In a networking business, you must understand the concept that the more you do cross-lining like helping others, the more you will make his business go down instead of helping him. You should understand this principle well. For example, the owner of KFC will not help McD.

16. Can not distinguish between family and business.

It is internal matter.

17. This business is easy and it is very fast to earn money.

This is a misconception. Networking is not easy nor difficult, but simple. The problem is people do not want to have that kind of mentality and do not want to be humble. You should follow the system in doing this business.

18. I have run this business for a year but it is stuck.

If you do this business seriously and correctly, follow the system, teachable, invite, etc., it will not go down. Your struggle might feel so hard  in the beginning, but the good thing will occur in the future.
By the time you feel that this networking business is not developing and you stop in receiveng the check, do not give up and still continue this business.
Muhammad Firdaus - Copywriter

Margaretha Hartomo - Senior Graphic Designer

Nico Arief Jauhari - Social Media Specialist
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