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The ESSENTIAL thing you need to do is edifying. One sample of good edification is by edifying our brand new product, Bio SC Serum. Firstly, you need to use the product effectively to get the best result.
So here we go, in this e-newsletter, we will give you more glances to apply Bio SC Serum properly.
Before you learn how to apply this serum, we recommend you to acknowledge your skin type first. This is important so that the working of the serum and the results obtained can be maximized and visible.

Here are the classification of human skin that is divided into several types:
1. Normal Skin: It is usually in good condition, has sufficient supply of sebum and moisture. By having treatment, it will keep your skin healthy and attractive.

2. Dry Skin: It lacks in oil or moisture or both. By having treatment, it will help moisturize the skin and eliminate the drying condition.

3. Oily Skin: It has overabundance of sebum. By having treatment, it will help normalize the production of sebum.

4. Combination Skin: The condition in which the skin in certain areas such as T area is oily and other areas are dry. By having treatment, it will help normalize the skin.

5. Acne Skin: Skin with acne condition. If it is not corrected, the condition can worsen.

6. Mature or Aging Skin: It has many wrinkles and lines. By having treatment, it will help slow down the aging process and diminish surface lines.

7. Couperose Skin: The condition that it is sensitive, very thin and can be identified by small cappillaries beneath the surface. By having treatment, it will help skin elasticity.
Now here are the hints and tips in applying the serum correctly:

Preparation Step
Cleansing : Clean your face by firstly applying the cleanser to the face and neck areas to remove dirts and make-up using a wet cotton pads.

Repeat the cleansing for deep cleanse until it gets really clean.

Continue by using toner. We recommend you to use toner with free alcohol. It helps to check whether the process of cleansing has been done cleanly and to remove the residue of the cleanser and restore the pH balance of the skin. 
Jeanne Thong, Beauty Therapist, has given us closer look to apply BIO SC Serum in a demo.
Apply The Serum
Directly after cleansing and the use of toner, while face is still moist, apply the Bio SC Serum to the face and neck area. Be careful while applying it on the eye area to avoid it entering the eyes. Apply the serum in the eye area in a clockwise direction to help reduce fine lines. And if there are frowning lines on your forehead, apply it in the middle of the forehead in a clockwise direction. In the morning, you can continue this step by using sunblock in order to avoid UV rays. At night you can add to use a night cream after the use of serum. [*Obert/Sophia]
After 10 minutes applying Bio SC Serum. Eye puffs and wrinkles are reduced significantly.
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The 6 Ultimate Ingredients from Bio SC Serum helps Hen Hen to get rid of acnes.
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