Hi Biogreeners, air pollution becomes a growing environmental disaster nowadays, check out a few from many tips how to protect yourself from urban air pollution.
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As many other big cities do, big cities with high population like Shanghai and Jakarta have many urban problems. One of the big overcrwoding issues in big cities at the moment is air pollution. There are so many vehicles on the road which means that there are lots of unhealthy gases being let off causing serious air pollution. This problem can bring very negative effects on humans and the environment.

Prolonged exposure to air pollution can cause severe respiratory problems that can lead to hospitalization and even death. Take steps to protect your body from this urban pollution by following the steps below.

First, avoiding pollution indoors. A lot of the pollution in any city is generated by mass consumption of electric power. A simple way to reduce the pollution is by saving energy, by doing your part to use less energy, you can help curb the problem for everyone in your city. Be mindful of your appliance usage. Turn lights, electronics, and other things that consume electricity off as soon as you’re done using them.

Second, avoiding pollution in public. Mass transit system not only help to reduce smog by cutting emissions per citizen, they can also provide a less smoggy ride for you than taking a car. But if you don’t want to ride th train or mass tranportation, consider walking or biking. Do your best to take side streets with less traffic to avoid catching exhaust fumes from passing vehicles. If you need to use a car, manage the time of driving. Don’t drive during rush hour.

Third, if the air pollution in your city is really bad, consider wearing a properly fitting filter mask. Check AQI (Air Quality Index) often to check the air condition and let’s prevent you from lung problems. Face masks that filter out airborne particles can make a big difference in your exposure to air pollution.

Fourth, take a healthy diet. Omega-3 supplements, particularly fish oil, modulated negative effects of air pollution (according to Romieu et al.) A study by King’s College London (KCL) and the University of Nottingham stated that Vitamin E also may help to counteract the negative effects of air pollution on the lungs. And not to mention Ashwagandha in Bio SC Mild has powerful antioxidant properties that seek and destroy the free radicals. Air pollution can harm health is through oxidative stress. Harmful oxidant molecules can form when air pollutants are absorbed through the lungs. These oxidants – also called free radicals – roam the body and bombard and damage cells.

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