Hi Biogreeners, here's a short story from Biogreen Shares Smiles

Hi, Biogreeners!
The excitement of Biogreen Shares Smiles event with Yayasan Bersinar has come to an end on last  Saturday, precisely on August 6, 2016, at Trans Studio Bandung. As you know, Biogreen Shares Smiles is part of a #BiogreenInAction campaign where Biogreen Science lends a hand to help the people in need. On this occasion, Biogreen Science wants to complete the happiness of children from Yayasan Bersinar after helping them at Biogreen ACE 2016, by giving them three days of fun. Understanding  the children's heart screaming, Biogreen Science along with the loyal members invited them to experience the fun and happiness of playing in children's most favorited places, which are Dunia Fantasi, Waterbom, and Trans Studio Bandung. How much did they get fun? Let's find out together!

The series of event of Biogreen Shares Smiles began on a sunny morning on the Wednesday, July 13th, 2016. The groups of children from Yayasan Bersinar who were picked up by bus seemed very enthusiastic. Along the way, they did not stop singing cheerful songs on the bus and laughing together, and they were getting more hyped as they arrived and were entering Dunia Fantasi.

The children who were on school holidays at that time were running around impatiently and trying every ride at Dufan, from the normal children's rides, such as Turangga Rangga (Carrousel) and Istana Boneka, until the extremely breath-taking rides like Halilintar (Roller Coaster) and Hysteria (Drop Tower). Laughter and cries of fear filled the sky during that day. Those were incredible moments. Until the sun was set, their sound and giggles began to faint as their energy was drained after a full day of playing the rides at Dufan.

Two days after that, the bus returned to pick them up and brought them to the next excitements. The wheels stopped at one of the famous water playground in Jakarta, Waterbom Pantai Indah Kapuk. The sound of excited footsteps rumbled as they got off the bus to enter Waterbom. As they arrived in, they were all in rush to change their shirts and pants with the swimsuits provided. The splashes of refreshing water flooded the thrill of the day when they enter the pool. Although some of them could not swim, they could still enjoy a pleasant day with the help of water tubes and arms floaters strapped to their arms.

The fun adventure reached its peak as they tried each water slide in Waterbom Pantai Indah Kapuk. Laughter and smiles endlessly popped up which reflected how happy they were that day. After a full day refreshed by playing in the water, on the afternoon, Mr. Larry invited them all to have dinner at his house that was not so far from Waterbom PIK. The atmosphere of warmth and togetherness were felt at home at the time.

However, the series of fun did not just stop there. On last Saturday, Biogreen Science once again presented them the next level of fun. The children were brought to Trans Studio Bandung! Although they had to go through a long distance trip, the children, Biogreen Science, and our loyal members were still enthusiastic to visit the only indoor amusement park in Indonesia. Once arrived there, the children immediately dispersed, choosing the rides that they wanted to hop on.

The long queues did not bother them and did not make them less enthusiastic to try out all the rides in Trans Studio Bandung. Happiness was spread from their little faces as they successfully rode the rides. Unfortunately, the day passed quickly, and the time to say goodbye to the children from Yayasan Bersinar had come. However, Biogreen Science will not stop sharing smiles and give joyous presents to children from Yayasan Bersinar as well as those who need a helping hand.

Hopefully, this sweet memories will remain as beautiful childhood memories of children from Yayasan Bersinar, and later, when they recall these memories, smiles will appear on their faces.
Biogreen Science also would like to express our deepest gratitude to our loyal members who still continue to support this business so that we are able to help people who need more attention and a help hand. Each of you has important role behind all the happiness and smiles which are knotted in their faces. You have given the most beautiful present for them, the brighter future.
And as their form of gratitude, Yayasan Bersinar just sent us a thank-you note for Biogreen Science, especially Mr. Larry Widjaja.

Watch for the sum-up video of Biogreen Shares Smiles here!
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