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On its 2nd birthday, Biogreen Science held training for loyal members on May 1st 2016 at Gajah Mada Plaza Jakarta. The training themed “How To Start” was attended by 500 enthusiast participants, and was led by energetic Balinese MC, Ibu Shanti Maro and our main speaker, the great Mr. Aries Hendra. Besides giving special anniversary promotions on its special day, Biogreen Science also gave meaningful business lesson for loyal members and also members who are about to start their career on network marketing business.

The participants enthusiastically followed the training led by Mr. Hendra, a Grand Master who surely has plentiful experiences in this business, and who is generous enough to share all knowledge he has to all attending members. In his presentation, he passionately shared the 7 remarkable steps to succeed in running network marketing business.
The first success step of running network marketing business according to Mr. Hendra is to build your dream. You have to know your biggest dream and set on your personal goals that you want to achieve.  Mr. Hendra said that dreams and life goals play important role on someone’s success story. He said that without both dreams and goals, someone would not be motivated to step ahead and explore their potential. On this session, he showed the participants his dream book which contained photos of his dreams which motivate him to rise and shine. He also asked some attendants to come to the stage to share their dreams and encourage them to keep pursuing their dreams.
The second key of success in network marketing business is to use the products 100%. Mr. Hendra said that if someone wanted to sell a product, he/she should have known the product entirely by using the product personally. By consuming the products, you can feel the benefits of the product yourself, and your very own experience can be used as your testimonial when you want to sell the product to your potential business partners.

The third step to succeed in network marketing business according to Mr. Hendra is the name list. He emphasized the importance of name list for people running this business. He said that name list is the most important asset in building a network. All you need to do is to make a list of people’s names who already joined your line and people who are potential to become your business partners. Keep updating your name list every day and do not forget to add new names every day. You can do it by asking for references of potential people from people who reject your offer after presentation.
The next step of becoming success in this business is to invite people. In his presentation, Mr. Hendra gave many useful tips and trick about how to invite potential business partners to join your line. All you have to do is building a close relationship with your potential business partners. You have to open a conversation with a light topic, such as family, jobs, or hobby. After that, you need to find similarities between you and your potential business partners. If you feel like you have successfully built a closer relationship with your potential business partners, the next thing you have to do is asking them to meet again to do the presentation. If they agree to meet again, do not forget to ask for confirmation several days before the meeting.

The fifth success step by Mr. Hendra is about presentation. Mr. Hendra claimed that the more you do presentations, the chance of you becoming success is getting bigger. He suggested to do the presentation at least 2 hours per day. You can choose doing One on One Presentation or Table Presentation. In doing presentation, you also have to look confident and convincing.
The sixth step to succeed in network marketing business is to follow up. You have to make sure that you get one out of three possibilities from your potential business partners: they join your line, buy product, or give references of potential names when they reject your presentation. When they agree to join your line, you have to follow up personally within 2 days to make sure that they positively join your line. Besides following up the new members, you also have to follow up your old members to make sure that they run the business correctly and their businesses run well.

The last success step from Mr. Hendra is to use the edification tools efficiently. According to Mr. Hendra, if someone wants to succeed in network marketing business, he/she has to possess broad knowledge of business and marketing world. In order to acquire that knowledge, you have to make use edification tools, such as books related to marketing and business, collection of BOP and training CD, and attend the business meeting and presentation held by Biogreen Science. If you posses a broad knowledge about your business and have mastered it, then recruiting people is not an impossible thing to do.

By attending the training and following the 7 remarkable steps to succeed in network marketing business from Mr. Aries Hendra, you can run your business easier since you have acquired the important keys to start the business. 
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