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On February 18th, 2016, Biogreen Science Training was held with the key informant Dr. Richard Sutedjo, Ph.D in Amaris Hotel Jakarta. Training held on last Thursday aims to invite members to get to know further on Applesc and also introduce the coming soon product of Biogreen Science  which is Bio Mild. This theme is selected due to the raising of many questions on Applesc among the members of Biogreen Science.

This training opened by Mr. Prasetyo and begins with a review of the main active ingredient of Applesc by Dr. Richard, such as the discussion about the Apple Uttwiler Spatlauber which has two important components which are epigenetic factors and metabolites; PhytoCellTecTM Malus Domestica, including understanding and the advantage of PhytoCellTecTM;as well as the benefits of Applesc of Biogreen Science or the Unique Selling Point of Applesc.
After that, training continued with the appearance of the questions related to Applesc. To make the training runs interactively, leaders and members are asked to create a discussion group with the number of four groups, and each group's representative is asked to answer the questions that appear on the screen, that it will be discussed completely further by Dr. Richard.

Some of the most common questions arised on the Applesc product in the training is the recommended dosage for Applesc, the benefits of Applesc associated with taste Applesc sweeter related to the sweet flavour and color change, the fear of the use of Applesc for diabetics related to the sweet taste and the content of Stevia, BPOM status of Applesc, PhytoCellTecTM Solar Vitis on Applesc, The PhytoCellTecTM logo which is not listed on Applesc, and other questions.
The training is also to inform leaders and members of  Biogreen Applesc Science that Applesc product remains high quality and has many important benefits for your body. So you do not need to doubt the quality of Applesc.

Explanation of the Applesc questions can be further learnt and known from the Training CD of Biogreen Science with the edition of  Dr. Richard Sutedjo. Thus, order the CD, learn the information and master the material. That way you will be more confident in presenting about Applesc of Biogreen Science.
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