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On Sunday, February 7th, 2016, Biogreen was back in action on charitable activity held along with Yayasan Makna Bhakti Jakarta. The charitable event themed "Biogreen Spread Love" was held in SMP Makna Bhakti located at Dakota V number 22, Kebon Kosong, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. The event was attended by Mr. Larry Widjaja, CEO of Biogreen Science, management of Biogreen Science, honourable leader and member of Biogreen Science, as well as the management of Yayasan Makna Bhakti and the occupants that consist of the elderly as many as 85 people, 50 orphans and 30 students of special school.

The charitable event that was held in the month of love began at eleven in the morning. This event began with the greeting by Mr. Slamet as the representative of Yayasan Makna Bhakti, and continued with the speech by Mr. Larry Widjaja.
Mr. Larry Widjaja as the founder of Biogreen Science gave his opening speech
Furthermore, the event was enlivened by songs tribute by the elderly of Yayasan Makna Bhakti for about two songs. They are very enthusiastic in showing their performances in this charity event. The next show was much more lively than the first one, which is Tor-Tor Traditional Dance from North Sumatera. This dance performed by SMP Makna Bhakti was very astounding. They danced charmingly, and they were able to make all people in the room captivated.
Drawing and Coloring session with the kids
After that, to further break the ice, the students of special school and SMP Makna Bhakti were asked to draw together. To train their cohesiveness together, groups were formed which each of them consisted of ten people. Each person was given thirty minutes to draw the logo of Biogreen Science accordance with the example given. They were highly enthusiastic in showing their best works.

There was still one performance that was as amazing as the two previous performances. The dance performance of Perahu Layar was shown by all people from Yayasan Makna Bhakti. Leaders and members of Biogreen Science also danced together with them to enliven this event. It is interesting, isn’t it?
The event was getting lively when Mr. Larry and members danced together
The next one was at the core event of the whole activity, which was the donation that was symbolically given by Mr. Larry Widjaja by Rp100.000.000 to Yayasan Makna Bhakti represented by Ms. Ning.

This event was followed by a closing pray along with the entire audience, and ended by giving goodie bags as much as two hundred pieces to the elderly and orphans as well as students of special school guided by Mrs. Ning.
This time #biogreeninaction, the company gave Rp 100.000.000 to Yayasan Makna Bhakti
Biogreen Science is very proud to be able to realize this event well, and Biogreen gives a big gratitude to leaders and members who participated in this loving activity. The charitable activity themed Biogreen Spread Love and the donation given is expected to be particularly useful for Yayasan Makna Bhakti and also for Biogreen Science.

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