R. Collier once said
“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out”,
well here’s some efforts that might help you finding your wildest dream to be success.
  1. Set your vision, dream and goal. Every success comes from a big vision. Write down all your dreams (Example: paying off debt, new house, new car and vacation abroad) and create burning desire within.
  2. Make a list of names. There are some rules in writing it. First, do not discriminate people. Rich, poor, or otherwise. Second, group and sort them by family, teammates, or best friends.
  3. Invite. Learn to invite your prospects. There are few things you should pay attention when you would like to invite.
    • Have the right and confident attitude toward this business.
    • No need to mention the product name and company while inviting someone.
    • Use a phone call. Psychologically, it is pretty helpful facing lack of confidence, but do not explain anything in the call. Use it only to invite someone.
    • Be confident. You need to trust yourself first that you are not in a cheap business.
    • Prepare a good way in  delivering the invitation.
  4. Presentation. There are some things you need to know about it.
    • There should be no interference from telephone by setting it in silent mode. This is an absolute requirement.
    • There should no PAUSE in the middle of presentation. Train yourself not to stammer.
    • A confident tone.
    • Prepare a question and answer session at the end of the presentation.
    • In the home meeting presentation, no more than 45 minutes. The important things is our message is delivered to the audiences.
    • After the presentation, do the closing and protection. Give the protection first. For instance, you can suggest not to tell anything to others if there are negative responses on the network business.
  5. Follow up. After having done the presentation, make an appointment for the next meeting. If it is possible, go to their houses so you may be able to know the condition of the environment where they live. Follow up is suggested to be done 2 x 24 hours after the presentation. 
  6. Repeating is learning. One of the keys to be success in Network Marketing Business is training. Come to the training to recharge your self motivation.
  7. Edification. Use your upline that is suitable for you as the third party. By edifying your upline and ask him to come to the presentation, your prospects will listen to what your upline has said. You can also edify your downline who has succeded and has a good leadership. In addition you will have to edify the company, products, and system support.
  8. Consultation. The bigger your network, the bigger the problems that will be faced. Consult your upline to avoid unnecessary mistake. Prepare your work plan and tell things that made you feel restless in this business.
  9. Keep the momentum. Hold a small weekly meeting to meet your network since it is very important to your network business.
  10. Watch and listen to BOP and Training cassette/CD. It is the tool to help your network who live in a distance with you to stay focus on one point.
  11. Have the commitment. If you are willing to commit you will gain a big spirit in doing this business.
  12. Duplication. This concept is very interesting. Monkey see, Monkey do. There are several things that are suggested not to be done in this case.
    • Presentation that takes too long.
    • Advanced presentation by the use of projector, notebook, tab, etc.
    • Paying people to join this business.
    • Treating for meals before doing the presentation.
    Consider whether your action in this business can be followed by your downline, whoever and wherever it is. If it can only be done by you, it can not be called as duplication. 
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